my experiences of following a low carb diet

Hello world!

on May 10, 2012

Two years ago I started out on a journey to lose weight.  I was getting really fed up of being overweight.  Though not massively big, I had gone from being a size 10 in my teens to a size 16 at age 40.  Every time I tried to lose weight by eating less, I failed.  I could manage to reduce my portions for a few days but I felt so hungry and the cravings for more food would become so great that I would cave in and then have a binge on biscuits and chocolate.  The end result was I would put on a few more pounds than before I started to diet.

Then my brother told me he was on the Atkins diet and he’d lost 2 stone in a month!  I had heard of the Atkins diet of course.  It was really unhealthy and dangerous – hardly any vegetables, no fruit, loads of meat and fat.  It was, I knew, extremely unhealthy and dangerous – ignoring all the healthy eating guidelines of low fat, lots of fruit, cereals and  starchy carbohydrates.  However, I was excited to see how well it had worked for my brother and seeing as how nothing else had worked for me, I decided to take a risk and give it a shot.  The results amazed me and led me down a path of discovery about diet and health.  I am now 2 stone lighter, I feel so much healthier and am still following this way of eating and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

In this blog I will share my journey, my favourite recipes and links to other Low Carb High Fat blogs and sites as well as links to the science behind the LCHF diet and the causes of the current worldwide obesity and Type 2 diabetes epidemic and all it’s related illness and diseases.


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